Dear Abuelo, Grecia’s debut children’s book, is inspired by her own immigration story. Despite being an avid reader, Grecia never saw a book that reflected her experience and she decided to write it. Dear Abuelo is a love letter to all of the kids that continue to arrive to the US today without speaking English, the kids back in the day that helped her navigate a new world, and her great-grandfather and grandfather the two people that inspired her to become a writer.

Dear Abuelo was named one of Bank Street’s 2020 Books of the year and it was a finalist of the 2020 Tomás Rivera Mexican American Children’s Book Award.

There is much Juana is going to miss as she moves from Mexico to New York, but nothing more than her abuelo. Through letters to her grandfather, Juana details her flight, her new apartment, and her first days of school where everyone speaks a language she barely understands. When Juana makes her first friend, though, things begin to change.

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